Container and cosmetics manufacturing The company specialized in integrated production

I would like to say thank you to all our employees, clients, and partners for supporting us and encouraging us, ever since the first day of our establishment, which help us to grow continuously.

Since 2006, the day of MIKUM TECH’s establishment, our company has been devoted to manufacturing, browing, coating, evaporating, printing, and assembling cosmetic product containers. We have continuously invested in our facilities and brought in the most updated machines to provide high-quality products. Based on the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we continue to provide a one-stop system to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

Thanks to your support, we never settle and always stay persistent to develop and expand our business. We are planning on establishing an online ordering system. Also, under the goal of achieving the best quality and becoming the fastest company to supply products, we are putting in our best efforts to improve productivity with a thorough quality control and technology based on quality management system.

Hyun-dong Kim